About triTeam

The athletes’ app

TriTeamApp is a web application to make sport a more social activity! In triTeamApp you will find the space to enjoy sport even more.

It all started with a group of mothers and fathers from the IPSI School in Barcelona, ​​who went out to train (and they still go out) every Tuesday. Not everyone could come, some went to live far away … and we wanted to keep in touch, the challenges … That was where the idea for triTeamApp came from.

Therefore, one of the main pillars of the application is to compete with the members of a team. Competing and sharing challenges with the group of friends or the gym mates or a club, or the family or, as in my case, the parents of a school, the IPSI Runners. The idea is that everyone can form a team, or many teams, and see how teammates train. This is what training groups do naturally, but here everything works automatically, synchronized with Strava.

Another strong point is that triTeamApp allows us to compete in different sports. There is always someone in the group who runs a lot, someone who always rides a bike or who just swim… At triTeamApp we turn all these training sessions into points, which is a measure based on the Olympic triathlon. In this way we can make a teammates’ absolute classification. It is the gamification of the training groups, and the truth is that it engages and we all end up doing more sport, and this is what it’s about.

In addition to the classification, the triTeamApp application includes many other functionalities to facilitate tasks that athletes often do, such as searching for activities, having a ranking of our races, charts to see the progression …

The vast majority of triTeamApp functionality is free, and will remain free. We also have a PREMIUM subscription. We understand Premium as a support to our work that helps us cover costs we have. In return for giving us this financial support, we offer extra features, as a thank you.

Finally, I want to tell you that triTeamApp is evolving. We are open to all your suggestions!

Andreu Arroyo