What is triTeam?

triTeam is the application for athletes. You will find a space to enjoy your sport even more and share it with whoever you want. It incorporates a unique system of points that allow you to compare activities of different sports. We have a very powerful search that will allow you to find your strava activities easily and intuitively.

What are the triTeam points?

Points are a unique measure of triTeam that allow you to compare activities of different sports. The points are based on the distances of the Olympic triathlon, and the same points are assigned to 1500m of swimming, 40km of cycling or 10km of running. The base measure is 1 point = 1 km running without slope. The positive slope also increases the activity points, 1 point every 100m running or 200m by bike.

What are the triTeam teams?

The teams are the base of triTeam. With teams you can share activities and compete, to evolve all together and make the sport even more fun. With your teammates you will share your activities, so you should participate only in those teams where you feel comfortable. The teams are not public. No one can find your team if you do not share them by any means external to triTeam. This allows each user to control who has access to their activities. We can all create as many teams as we want and share them with whoever we want, this is one of the pillars of triTeam.

What activities are in triTeam?

triTeam uses synchronization with strava to access the activities of each user. In triTeam you will see your strava activities that are not private. By default, when you connect your triTeam account with strava, the activities of the last 6 weeks will be imported. Any new strava activity will be added to triTeam automatically.

How can I see my previous activities?

When you connect your triTeam account with strava, the last 6 weeks of activities are imported. If you want to see more activities you can buy them from your user profile. For a very reasonable price you will be able to synchronize your entire strava history and make the most of features such as search or annual graphics.